Solutions for Rodent Control

Rodent Removal

There are many pest control companies that will remove rodents for residential and commercial customers. When you suspect that your house has resident rats, mice, or squirrels, or you’re wondering what to when mice have invaded your home, then look for a company that actually provide solutions or removal of the rodent problems.

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Be sure the company you hire will also rodent proof your home or business, and that they have a lot of experience doing so. It shouldn’t just be the short-term solution of getting rid of the pests that are there, but instead you want a company that will provide a long term solution. If you are hearing noises in your walls or are seeing rodent feces in your basement or kitchen, call a rodent control Tampa company that can help.


Types of traps vary for any application. Most homeowners will choose the live trap as their first choice if they’re attempting to trap raccoons or squirrels from their home or yard. These traps can be very easy or very hard to use due to the many factors that come into play.

First, if you have a problem assembling the trap then you have no business actually trapping the animal. These are mechanical devices and if you cannot put them together, then how do you expect to safely remove the animal from the trap. The rear door release safeguard trap is a good use trap for the homeowner. It is delivered already assembled.

The Havahart trap you can usually can purchase from your local hardware store needs to be put together and most times I find that homeowners assemble it completely wrong. It doesn’t mean this trap doesn’t work, just that the homeowner can’t follow directions. This is the person who should find a professional trapper to remove raccoons.

There are many ways to acquire your own trap, from places like eBay or Craigslist. This is a good place to find a local assembled trap someone else bought and used and may also have some valuable tips on trapping in your local area. Most important, this trap most likely has some animal scent on it. A new trap has no scent on it and may take some time for the animal to get used to it.

You can set a trap in the attic or basement for squirrels and raccoons but they don’t work for rats or mice. Those require a different type of trap. The most common trap for rats are the type that are set with bait and kill when the animal triggers it. These are very efficient and work well but aren’t a good choice for a homeowner who is squeamish about disposing of the body. If mouse traps aren’t checked every day or so, then the horrific smell of dead animal will permeate the entire home.

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The first step is to determine which type of animal has invaded the house. If you can’t figure that out, then there are two options. The first is to buy one of each type of trap and set them. The second is to hire an experienced pest control company to come in and efficiently take care of the job for you. No muss, no fuss.